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Dec 29, 2013

Sketch Up and the Office Renovation.

Not too long ago I did a post on the use of Sketch Up and how it was a help to my clients. I am very pleased at how this has helped put the clients mind at ease and allowing them to make the important decisions without hesitation. I am not a Sketch Up seller and I am not trying to sell anyone on this program. To put it simple, I just like the way it works.

We recently did an office renovation where we were able to utilize Sketch Up. With this new layout the owner wanted to see where the furniture would be located in each room and what kind of room that would leave. As you can see in the photo there are many offices some of which are larger than others. This was an existing space and we had to utilize as much of the existing walls as possible to reduce the renovation costs. This made some of the offices smaller than others.

By modeling the floor plan in Sketch Up and installing some of the furniture provided from the 3d Warehouse the client was able to see that the plan worked and we were able to move forward with the construction documents. This project is currently under construction.

An existing masonry wall that we had to fur out for installation of new drywall.