• Toy Building Sets and Architecture

    I am not sure if all architects started out building things when they were young or not, but I sure did.  I loved to build houses with my Lincoln Logs and finishing off the roof with the chimney.  I also remember tearing them down was also a lot of fun.  I got another building/erector set called the Girder and Panel Building Set with Working Elevator.   You want to talk about fun!  You could build skyscrapers with this set, as you can see in the attached photos from Christmas of 1976.  The second photo shows the working elevator, of course you had to crank it up by hand.

    Of course Legos were also a great toy set that I enjoyed building with.  Who didn’t love the big green flat piece that was supposed to be grass?  That was the Lego piece where all of the great buildings started from.  Now my kids, especially my youngest loves to build stuff with his Lego’s.  Nowadays the Lego sets have many intricate pieces that, as a kid I would loved to have had.

    I went to the web site of Arch Daily a couple of months ago and entered into a contest to win a Lego set that was the replica of the Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright. I won the set and waited in anticipation for it to come in the mail; kind of like when Ralphy from “The Christmas Story” was waiting for his Decoder Ring to come in the mail.  Once we received it the boys and I started to put it together.  Not only did I enjoy it, but I had a great time with my boys putting it together.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I got the same building set for Christmas, and it might have been the same year. One of my favorite toys. :)

  2. stevemay says:

    Amer, That is a very creative way to do some building. Makes me think of Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

  3. Amer says:

    I’m not sure many architects started it out like that. Most of my friends ‘just happened’ to be studying architecture and fortunately doing really well. Having said that, I did build ‘cities’ as a kid using cassette tapes stacked on top of each other, it was kinda weird but it satisfied my crave for being creative..LOL

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