• Deer hunting and architecture.

    Not sure how well this will work out but I’m not seeing any deer at the moment so why not type a blog on my phone while I wait. Cannot do it with gloves on so my hands are getting cold.

    Most of the blogs that I read from Architects talk about your stereo typical types that wear black rimmed glasses and dress in all black. Not in the area I live in.  I guess there are a few though. I find it funny because I am sitting here in my camouflage from head to toe. Guess I am not your typical architect. I hear some geese but still no deer.

    Forgive the the mistakes because I can only see about half of the screen as I type. Not a bad way to blog but my fingers are getting to cold. Guess I’ll have a cup of coffee to warm up. Will update later to let you know how I do.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Make sure you say something about the perfect architectural design of your deer stand. Be sure to include the coffee cup holders and donut trays. :)

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