• Crazy Tuesday

    Okay, so it wasn’t such a crazy day. I guess not every day can have something exciting, actually most days are not exciting. Blogging on a daily basis can get really boring I guess. Not nearly enough to talk about. Notice how I keep rambling on about nothing to make this post seem bigger and full of information.

    After a full day of normal architectural stuff the boys and I went to my mom’s for dinner and to hang out for awhile and of course had to watch some of the World Cup. There have been some really good games and then there have been some not so good games. Some of the blatent fouls that have been done are CRAZY.

    Red CardSome of the RED CARDS were crazy.

    Punching another player in the back.

    Head butting another player while he was on the ground. Really, the guy is on the ground, you actually bend over and head butt him, Idiot.

    This one did not get a red card, but one player head butted his own team mate.

    Emotions run very high at the World Cup.


    We got done with dinner and it was time to go because I have a softball game. Yes, I play slow pitch softball with our church league. We have double headers almost every Tuesday evening. This night was not a very good night of softball for us. We kept making errors, and yes I said WE, it was like we had holes in our gloves and that was just game one. We still had to play another game. Game two was better but we still lost. I will have to say we had fun and I am pretty sure that we were enjoying ourselves more than the other team.

    slow pitch softball


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