• Bathroom Renovation Comes Together

    The renovation is in full swing now and the problems that came about from the original contractor have been fixed. Now it is time to start installing stuff. Had to remove some of the old floor tile to install bigger pieces to fill in some gaps. Would you believe that I still had some of the old tile left over from the original construction that I was able to use and fill in some areas. So keeping that old tile around for 12 years was a good idea.

    Bathroom Renovation 3

    I know have the sheet rock up and the taping has started. We even installed a shelf unit to put all of our my wife’s stuff on. Okay, so I have some of my stuff on it also. Waterproofing membrane is next. That would be the orange stuff.

    Bathroom Renovation 4

    Here is my wife installing some of the wall tile. We are getting close to taking a shower in our new bathroom, well kind of.

    Bathroom Renovation 5

    Once the wall tile is finished we have to install the glass shower surround. Those glass panels are heavy and who knew that you could put the door in upside down. I assumed that since there were no marks showing which end was up it did not matter. If not I have a 50/50 chance of getting it right. Of course that means I have a 50/50 chance of getting it wrong also. Guess what, I got it wrong. There was about a 1/4″ difference from, right and wrong, so I did not even notice until I tried to close the door.

    Bathroom Renovation 6


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  1. Chris Whiting says:

    Where did you get the waterproofing membrane at?

    • Steve May says:


      It is a Schluter KERDI product the I got from the local floor store. It is a great waterproofing product behind tile. Unfortunately it is also expensive. Would not go without it though behind a wet surface.

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